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Let's Have The Best Summer Ever

Since February 2020, a normal summer is what we have all hoped and dreamed of. And one and a half years down the line, it’s finally looking like it might become a reality. The pandemic has affected our lives in so many ways, from not being able to see family and friends and not being able to go outside, to learning to live with constant change and uncertainty—and honestly, it’s been tiring. This year and last have been difficult in so many ways. But finally, things are looking up.

One and a half years post-pandemic, most restrictions have been lifted, nearly 50% of the US population and 70% of the population of New York has been vaccinated, new cases and deaths are decreasing, and it’s time to take advantage of these summer months and celebrate!

I think most of us have realized how much we took advantage of the freedoms we once had. So this summer we want you to make the most of everything we can now do, and have the best summer...ever!

Taking it slow

Now, just because restrictions are lifted and we can do most of the things we’ve wanted to do for the past year and a half, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. While many people feel excited about getting vaccinated and returning to normal life, not everyone is feeling the same excitement about getting back to how things were pre-pandemic. You might find yourself being either very eager to get back into the swing of things, or you might be overwhelmed by the transition. Being told that something is dangerous for so long and then being able to do it freely, can definitely lead to feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and worry.

For example, after being told for so long that we should avoid large crowds and socially distance whenever we can, having dinner inside at a busy restaurant with lots of other people certainly might feel alien and uncomfortable. So it’s important to take things slow.

If you’re not comfortable eating inside, then ask for a table outside. If you’re not comfortable going for dinner with a large group of friends, then separately arrange to see a couple of friends at a time. It’s ok to start off slow and wean yourself back into things, there’s no rush.

Feeling nervous is normal

I’ve heard from lots of people that are feeling a sense of nervousness when they are faced with situations where they have to socialize that they never had before. Extroverts who used to thrive in social situations, and people who are just out of practice when it comes to being sociable and being around other people in real life, and not just through a screen. And while some people are diving straight back into it, lots of us are struggling. But you’re not alone, and you won’t feel like this forever.

Feeling nervous about returning to “normal” is so common in our current world. We are all completely out of practice when it comes to socializing! We’ve forgotten what it’s like to be around people, and therefore feeling nervous is a completely rational and normal emotion to feel.

How to move past it and have the best summer

The best thing you can do to get past the anxiety of returning to normal and having an amazing summer is to push yourself. If you’re feeling nervous about going somewhere or doing something, then take the following steps:

  • Prepare everything you might need - your mask, tissues, hand sanitizer

  • Rationalize your feelings - most people are feeling nervous about returning to normal life

  • Start off slow - meet outside first, or maybe start off just meeting one or two friends

  • Think about all the new memories that you will make and how you will feel after

Taking baby steps might feel like a challenge, but it’s the best way to get past the nervousness and anxiety that you might be feeling about returning to the normal world. Once you’ve made the first step towards socializing and spending more time around others if you continue to build on that progress you’ve made you’ll be doing all those things you loved before COVID arrived.

And for those of you who are eager to get back to how life was before COVID, it’s no surprise that you are itching to travel after over a year of being cooped up inside. According to the CDC, it is safe for fully vaccinated people to travel within the US without testing or self-quarantining, and it’s much easier to travel around the country now. And even international travel is opening up slowly to several nearby countries, and even parts of Europe.

At the beginning of the year, it felt like travel was going to be off the cards forever, but it looks like finally, we might be able to grab our sandals and sun hats once again and head back to the beach. And after a year and a half of self-isolation, social distancing, and shelter-in-place, it’s time to get out and enjoy the summer.

Remember to be safe in whatever you decide to do this summer—follow the rules, keep up to date with the news—but have fun!! We all deserve it.


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