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We are Triangle Cognitive Therapy

After 8 years as a solo private practitioner and almost 25 years as a licensed clinical social worker, I am thrilled to announce the opening of Triangle Cognitive Therapy in Rockville Centre, New York. My group will be expanding cognitive therapy and support services to the community. We are looking to connect with schools, colleges, healthcare professionals and other community leaders to build working relationships to create a support network for the mental health needs in our community.

In addition to individual and family therapy, my team is actively working on developing long term and short term group therapy for adults, teens and pre-teens.

I am excited to welcome Carrie Sollin as the first member of my team. She is a highly experienced therapist and adds a new perspective to the work. Feel free to look at her bio page to learn more about her.

Please don't hesitate to call at (516) 208-3792 or email at if you have have any questions about how Triangle Cognitive Therapy can be helpful to you.


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